Osaka University Graduate School of Humanities Division of Language and Culture

Graduate School of



Language and culture studies
beyond traditional disciplines

At the Division of Language and Culture, Graduate School of Humanities, Osaka University,
we are involved in tackling issues occurring in today’s multicultural and multilingual society from a wide range of perspectives
by fostering an advance understanding of education and information literacy in the areas of language and culture.
This division connects language, culture and information technology in a systematic manner,
promoting education that integrates the humanities and sciences.

The 3 disciplines and 6 study fields 
of the Language and Culture course

Discipline Ⅰ

Students will learn theories of diverse disciplines to analyze literature, visuals, digital cultural assets, and other cultural phenomena, thereby cultivating their ability to comprehend the world from global and local perspectives.

Discipline Ⅱ

Students will theoretically, methodologically, and practically examine a wide range of issues related to communication and second language education in the global society. They will also cultivate basic research skills in the humanities and the ability to apply them to the globalized world.

Discipline Ⅲ

Students will be engaged in scientific research to uncover the structures and functions of natural language and the relationships between cognitive systems and language. Our discipline also helps to develop the ability to analyze language and cultural-historical resources through statistical modelling and advanced machine learning.
Study fields